Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mixed Fruits, Veggies, Nuts & Oats Ice Cream - A Healthy Breakfast Ice Cream

This ice cream is very healthy as it contains fruits, vegetable, nuts and oats. When your kids ask you for ice cream at the breakfast table, you don't have to say "No". You can give them this healthy and yummy home made ice cream. Even you can have it for breakfast during this hot summer.

Ingredients :

1. Mixed Fruits - 1.5 Cups (I used Mango, Apple, Avocado, Banana, Pear, Plum and Jack fruit)
2. Carrot - 1/4 Cup (Chopped)
3. Beetroot - 1/4 Cup (Chopped)
4. Oats - 1/2 Cup (I used quaker quick oats)
5. Fresh Coconut Milk - 3/4 Cup
6. Orange Juice - 1/4 Cup
7. Honey - 1 tbs (You can add more)
8. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder - 1 tsp
9. Almond - 5 (Soaked till soft)
10. Mixed Nuts - For Garnishing

Procedure :

1. Cook Carrot and Beetroot with enough water.

2. Take all the ingredients including cooked carrot and beetroot in a blender.

3. Blend till smooth.

4. Freeze for 3 hours or till it freezes completely.

5. Blend it once again till smooth.

6. Again freeze it for another 1 hour. Then blend till smooth.

7. Repeat step 6 for few more times.

8. Before you serve, keep the frozen ice cream out for atleast 15 minutes or till it get softened.

9. Garnish with almonds, cashew or other nuts and fruits.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ash Gourd Peels Pakoda

This is another recipe using ash gourd peels. Earlier I posted "Ash gourd Peel & Green Onion Soup". Ash gourd peels pakoda is a wonderful tea time snack. This quick snack goes to my event "Best Out of waste".

Ingredients :

1. Ash gourd Peels - 1 Cup (Chopped)
2. Rice Flour - 1/4 Cup
3. Besan Flour - 1/2 Cup
4. Red Chilly Powder - 1.5 tsp
5. Ginger-Garlic Paste - 1/2 tsp (Optional)
6. Salt - Needed Qty
7. Oil - For deep frying

Procedure :

1. Mix all the ingredients together.

2. Sprinkle water little by little till the flour mixture coats the peels.

3. Heat Oil.

4. Fry pakodas till crisp.

5. Serve as evening snack with tea.

Guest Post - 17 : Today's Guest - Jyoti

Today, we have Jyoti from Panch Pakwan is with us. Jo's blog completed 200 posts recently and she is blogging for more than an year now. Now, let us hear from her.

Nithu's Kitchen : Tell us about you Jyoti.
Jyoti : First, let me thank Nithu for this wonderful opportunity. I felt happy, when she asked me for a guest post. Now about me...My name is Jyoti. I had lived in Karnataka and Maharasthra. I love to cook and eat as well. My love for food started when I was outside my home for education and that was time when I understood the meaning of FOOD, FAMILY & FRIENDS.

Nithu's Kitchen : What are your interests apart from cooking?
Jyoti : I love to paint, decorate the home and of course love to blog :-)

Nithu's Kitchen : When did you start your blog?
Jyoti : It's almost one and a half year and when I look back now, I really feel so happy. I never ever thought I would complete 200 posts so soon!!

Nithu's Kitchen : Congrats Jyoti for completing more than an year with 200 recipes in this bloggy world. What made you to start a blog?
Jyoti : I started my blog basically to store all authentic recipes shared by my Mother, Aunts and Friends.

Nithu's Kitchen : What type of cuisine does your blog focus?
Jyoti : As I had lived in Karnataka and Maharasthra, my blog is influenced by both the states cuisines. You can also find some new recipes that I learnt after coming here.

Nithu's Kitchen : When did you start to cook?
Jyoti : From my college days.

Nithu's Kitchen : Do you remember the very first dish you made?
Jyoti : I really don't remember my very first dish :-(

Nithu's Kitchen : Heard you had an unforgettable incident related to Kadi preparation. Share us that incident.
Jyoti : Ya sure..It was dinner time and I was in hurry to make Kadi. To make creamy kadi we have to cook on very low flame. Till 5-6 minutes it was going good and really I don't know what went wrong (may be the flame was high!!!) the kadi got spoiled. Then we ended up with eating rice and curd :-(

Nithu's Kitchen : What do you have today to share with us.
Jyoti : I am sharing a recipe for Bhendi / Okra Masala.

Nithu's Kitchen : Why did you select this dish.
Jyoti : Being vegetarian I love to try simple recipes with new twist. Bhendi sabji is one of my favorite and I have use cashew nuts instead of peanuts in the recipe.


10-12 Orka / Bhendi
1 Onion (finely chopped)
1 tsp Tamarind paste
Jaggery to taste
2-3 Tbsp Cashew nuts (used roasted)
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Red chili powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp Coriander powder
2 tsp Oil
Sal to taste
For Tempering / Tadaka:
Few curry leaves
Cumin seeds
Mustard seeds


1. Heat the pan with oil, add cumin seeds , allow them to splutter.
2. Add onion and fry till they turn light brown color. Add tamarind paste, jaggery, salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder and fry for 3-4 minutes.
3. Add cashew nuts and turn off the heat. Put this in to blender and make a coarse paste. (If the paste is very dry add very little water.)
4. Stuff this above made masala paste into bhendi. Heat the pan and place these stuffed bhendi. If masala paste is left then add this paste too. Add some water. Cook till the bhendi turns soft.
5. Once the sabji is ready. Make the tempering and pour over the stuffed bhendi masala.
6. Serve with hot chapati/ roti / rice.

Nithu's Kitchen : Thank you so much Jyoti.

Dear Friends, Hope you all love Jyoti's wonderful Bhendi Sabji recipe. If you are interested to be featured as Nithu's Kitchen's guest, please do mail to

Friday, June 25, 2010

Indianized French Toast (With Sooji)

I got the idea for the French toast with Sooji (Rava) from Mahimaa's Blog. She is such a talented person who has passion for food photography. I've already tried her Chocolate Peda recipe. I have made few changes to her French toast recipe and came up with my own procedure.

Ingredients :

1. Sooji - 1/2 Cup (Dry roasted till golden brown)
2. Yogurt - 1/2 Cup
3. Water - 3/4 Cup
4. Tomato - 1 (Small Sized)
5. Onion - 1/4 Cup
6. Red Chilly Powder - 1 tsp
7. Coriander - 1/2 Cup (Finely Chopped)
8. Salt - Needed Qty
9. Bread - 5 pieces
10. Oil - Little qty
11. Lemon Juice - 1 tsp

Procedure :

1. Take yogurt, water, tomato, red chilly powder and salt in a mixer. Blend till smooth.

2. Add this to sooji along with onion and coriander. Mix well and keep it as such for 10 minutes.

3. Now, add 1 tsp of lemon juice. Mix well.

4. Heat a dosa pan. Add little oil.

5. Soak bread in the above mixture and place it on the pan.(you may have to place some mixture above the bread). Cook till that side turns brown on a medium heat.

6. Gently turn the bread to other side. Cook till brown.

7. Serve with a sauce.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pumpkin Peel & Coconut Chutney (For Idly & Dosa)

I prepared this pumpkin peel & coconut chutney for dosa few days before. The combo tasted yummy. This participates in my event "Best Out of waste".

Ingredients :

1. Pumpkin Peel - 1 Cup
2. Coconut - 1/4 Cup
3. Fried Gram (Pottu Kadalai) - 1/4 Cup
4. Green Chilly - 2 or adjust to your taste
5. Tamarind Pulp - Little qty
6. Salt - Needed Qty
7. Mustard - 1/2 tsp
8. Oil - 6 tsp

Procedure :

1. Add 2 tsp of oil to the pan. Fry the washed peels well. Keep aside.
2. Now, add another 2 tsp of oil. Add cut chillies and fried gram in low flame till the fried gram turns brown.
3. Add coconut and immediately switch off the stove. Keep the pan as such for 2 minutes.
4. Transfer the contents to mixer jar along with pumpkin peels, tamarind pulp and salt. Grind with little water to coarse consistency.
5. Heat remaining oil and add mustard. Once the mustard get popped, add to the chutney.
6. Enjoy with crisp dosa or soft idly.

Who tried this recipe?
1. Sharanya

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indianized French Toast (With Besan Flour)

This is such a delicious and quick breakfast or snack. Bread with besan gives a unique taste.

Ingredients :

1. Besan Flour - 3 tbs
2. Water - 1 Cup or slightly more
3. Red Chilly Powder - 1 tsp
4. Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
5. Salt - Needed Qty
6. Onion - 1/2 Cup (Chopped Finely)
7. Coriander - 1/2 Cup (Chopped Finely)
8. Bread Slice - 6
9. Oil - Little Qty

Procedure :

1. Mix all the ingredients together except bread.

2. Place one bread at a time on this mixture, let the slices soak well on both the sides.

3. Heat a dosa pan or skillet, add little oil.

4. Place the bread. Cook for few minutes till that side turns brown.

5. Turn the bread and cook till done.

6. Serve with a sauce.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Avocado Raita

A healthy raita that goes good with any Indian bread and rice.

Ingredients :

1. Avocado - Half Fruit
2. Green Chilly - 1
3. Coriander - Small qty
4. Coconut - 2 tsp (Optional)
5. Garlic - 1 Clove
6. Onion - 1/2 Cup (Chopped)
7. Yogurt - 1 Cup
8. Salt - Needed qty

Procedure :

1. Combine avocado, green chilly, coconut and garlic and blend to a fine paste .
2. Add this paste, salt and onion to yogurt. Mix well.
3. Garnish with coriander.
4. Serve with Pulav, Briyani, Chapathi, etc..

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Guest Post - 16 : Today's Guest - Beena

We have Beena from "My Kitchen" is with us. She is from UAE. She work as draughtsman. She loves gardening, blogging and travelling. She has lots of interesting things to share with us. Let us hear from her now...

Nithu's Kitchen : Tell us about you Beena.
Beena : I am from kerala,kannur.I went to U.A.E after my 8 years and studied there till +2. After that I did my draughtsman in civil in Kerala. I got married 6 years back and we stay in U.A.E.. I work as draughtsman here. I have two brothers. Both are here in U.A.E with their families. I'm the youngest of all. My amma and pappa settled in kannur. My inlaws are very nice people. I've two brothers-in-law.

Nithu's Kitchen : What are your interests apart from cooking?
Beena : My other interest apart from cooking are blogging, gardening, travelling, sleeping, watching movies especially the latest release of malayalam movie. We spend our weekends like this.

Nithu's Kitchen : When you started to cook? Who taught you cooking?
Beena : I started my cooking when I was about 8 years. My mom was suffering from severe migraine. Every month 2 or 3 days she would badly suffer from migraine. She can't even take any food, she cant even wake up from bed...Full time vomiting etc..So when we reached u.a.e there was no one to take care of us..My pappa cannot take too much leave from his work. That was the time, I started to try cooking. I would ask my mom about each and every ingredients. So my mom was my first teacher for cooking and my second teacher was my neighbour aunt Anitha. She was a great expert in cooking. Now she settled in kerala,thrissur.

Nithu's Kitchen : Other than you, whom you consider as the best cook in your family?
Beena : In my home all are very nice cooks. My pappa, brothers and sisters-in-law are much interested in cooking. Even my small Nephews watch cookery shows in Television.

Nithu's Kitchen : Wow! That is very interesting to hear that your whole family loves cooking. Beena, share us an interesting incident that happened before your wedding?
Beena : I got almost 24 marriage proposals (people from kerala will understand why this much marriage proposals. We hindus have many procedures like jadhakkam).So the 24th was my sweet hubby's. For the earlier 23 people, I served a cup of tea. He,he,he ...But for my hubby I could not give.Guess, why? When he came to see me I was in my college.So my brother brought them directly to my college. Meanwhile my college hours was over. So our first meeting was on the road in front of a bakery (sheen bakery). When we go for vacation to Kerala and we get to pass that bakery, Our eyes never fail to meet and we never fail to give a smile :).

Nithu's Kitchen : That is really interesting :-)What was the unforgettable incident that happened after your wedding?
Beena : Actually, my mother-in-law had a thought that I would not know any cooking as I was brought up in U.A.E. On the second day of our wedding, she was talking with my Grandma. On hearing her worry, my grandma said that I started to cook from 8 and she didn't have to worry about that. Mother-in-law felt very happy and relieved.

Nithu's Kitchen : We could guess your MIL's face with a relieved smile spread over:-).You said you love travelling. Do you have any interesting anecdote to share with us?
Beena : Yeah, we had one unforgettable experience. After marriage we planned our first trip to Kerala. My hubby asked his friend to book the tickets. His friend handed over the tickets and said the date and flight hour was 2 o'clock. We fools(!!!) did not even check the tickets. Finally the day came and while on our way to airport my hubby called his friend. The surprised friend asked why we didn't go to Kerala.My hubby said that we were on the way. His friend said that our flight would have already reached Kerala as it left by 2 am itself.The actual time of our flight was 2am but we thought 2pm...he he he he... On the same day we went to kerala by another flight. That was a greatest lesson we learnt from our carelessness.

Nithu's Kitchen : Heard you won few prizes related to food. Share the experience with us.
Beena : Yeah, so far I've won 2 prizes based on food. one day I went to lulu hypermarket for shopping. As that was a Mango season, they held a game related to peeling Mangoes. Many ladies participated in the game. Most of them peeled 3 or 4 mangoes in a minute. But I peeled only one without wasting any flesh. I won the prize for nicely peeling the mango. Another prize, I got 2 years back. We went for dubai shopping festival. Accidently we met the asianet channel people.They asked me whether I could explain the preparation of chicken briyani in one minute in Malayalam. They said that I should not use any english words inbetween. I took the challenge and won the prize.

Nithu's Kitchen : Congrats on your prizes Beena. What do you have today to share?
Beena : In this occasion the best recipe will be "Vegetable Roll". I learnt this from my Mom who actually got the recipe from our neighbour. I used to prepare this snack even when I was very young. We can fill any filling inside like veg or non veg.

Vegetable Roll :

Ingredients :

For the Dough :

Maida 1 cup (240 ml)
Water required Quantity
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Oil1/2 teaspoon.

For the Stuffing :

Some cabbage chopped
One Carrot Chopped
1/2 Bell Pepper Chopped
Some cauliflower Chopped
One Medium size Onion Chopped
Green chillies-1/2 teaspoon
Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon
Garam Masala - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Prepare dough by mixing maida, salt and Oil by adding the required quantity of water.
2. Heat little quantity of oil in a pan and add all the vegetables.
3. Add some salt and turmeric powder. Close the lid and cook until all the vegetables are cooked properly.
4. Now, add the garam masala and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Let it cool.
5. Make the dough into small balls and roll them into round thin layer.
6. In each layer place a little veg mix. Fold like a envelope and seal the edges with a little water.
7. Heat oil in a tawa.
8. Drop 2 rolls at a time and fry them until golden brown.
9. Serve the rolls with Tomato Sauce.

Note :

1. You can use Non-Veg filling also.
2. You can use ghee instead of oil for deep frying.

Nithu's Kitchen : Thank you so much Beena.

Friends, hope you all enjoyed reading about Beena and her Vegetable roll recipe. If you are interested to be featured as Nithu's Kitchen's Guest, please do drop a mail to

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beetroot Halwa for my Dad, FIL & all lovely Dads in the World

Thank you Friends for the wishes on my yesterday's post. Today, I'm sharing my Dad's & Father-in-law's favourite sweet "Beetroot Halwa". This goes straight to Jay's wonderful event "I Love My Dad".

Ingredients :

1. Beetroot - 2 Cups (Grated)
2. Sugar - 1 Cup or adjust to your taste.
3. Milk - 2 Cups (Boiled)
4. Ghee - 1/2 tbs + 1/2 tbs (Totally 1 tbs)
5. Nuts - For Garnishing.

Procedure :

1. Add grated beetroot to a dry non-stick pan. Stir continously on the medium flame for atleast 5 minutes or till the beetroot becomes dry and soft.
2. Now, add 1/2 tbs of ghee and mix well, so that the ghee coats the beetroot well.
3. Add sugar and milk now. Mix and allow the contents to cook well in medium flame with occasional stirring.
4. The contents will take atleast 20 to 30 minutes to get cooked and thicken.
5. Finally, add the remaining 1/2 tbs of ghee. Mix well.
6. Garnish with nuts and serve warm.

Note :

1. You can add cardamom powder.
2. You can serve warm beetroot halwa over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Who tried this recipe?
1. Sharanya

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Recipe Featured in The Hindu, Metroplus, June 19, 2010

My Kadugu Sadam(Mustard Rice) recipe is featured in The Hindu, Metroplus today under Grandma's Recipes column. I sent the recipe hardly few days ago and never expected that they would publish this soon.

Ash Gourd Peel & Green Onion Soup

Yesterday, I prepared ash gourd kootu (will be posting the recipe shortly). I didn't throw away the peels instead I made the soup along with green onions. The soup came out in beautiful colour and it tasted so good.

Ingredients :

1. Ash Gourd Peel - 1 Cup
2. Green Onion - 1/4 Cup (Chopped)
3. Onion - 1/4 Cup (Chopped)
4. Garlic - 2 Cloves
5. Salt - Needed Qty
6. Milk - 1 Cup (Boiled & Cooled)
7. Pepper Powder - 1 tsp
8. Onion - 4 tsp
9. Coriander - For Garnishing

Procedure :

1. Take oil in a pan. Add the peels. Fry in medium flame for few minutes or till they became soft.
2. Then add the green onion, onion and garlic. Fry for few minutes.
3. Add salt, pepper powder and water and cook.
4. Once cooking is over, cool the contents.
5. Transfer to a blender, add milk. Blend till smooth.
6. Heat and serve hot.

Serves : 1

This participates in Priya's "Healing Food - Onion", an event started by Siri, Padma's "CWS - Pepper", an event started by Priya. and my event"Best Out of Waste".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carrot & Peas Kootu

This carrot and peas kootu is bit different from the usual procedure. We don't have to add any dhal. I learnt this from my MIL. This goes good with "Milagu Kuzhambu" & "Kara Kuzhambu"

Ingredients :

1. Carrot - 1/2 Cup (Chopped)
2. Peas - 1/2 Cup (Fresh/Frozen)
3. Coconut - 1/4 Cup (Grated)
4. Onion - 2 tsp (Chopped)
5. Green chilly -1
6. Red Chilly - 1
7. Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
8. Mustard - 1 tsp
9. Urad Dhal - 1 tsp
10. Curry Leaf - For garnishing.
11. Oil - 2 tsp
12. Salt - Needed qty

Procedure :

1. Heat oil in a pan. Pop mustard and then add urad dhal. Transfer this to a bowl.

2. Cook carrot and peas with salt in the same pan.

3. Grind coconut, onion, cumin seeds and chillies.

4. Add the ground paste to cooked carrot and peas.

5. Add mustard and urad dhal. Cook for 5 minutes.

6. Remove from heat. Garnish with curry leaf.

7. Serve with rice.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Guest Post - 15 : Today's Guest - Nayna

Nayna from "Simply.Food" is with us today. She is from UK. She works as Contact Lens Professional. She loves yoga, working out at the gym and swimming. Now, let us hear from her...

Nithu's Kitchen : Tell us about you Nayna
Nayna : Originally from East Africa, I have been residing in the UK since childhood, I am a working professional (contact lens optician). I work part time and the rest of my time is taken up with husband and two daughters.

Nithu's Kitchen : How do you relax yourself?
Nayna : I enjoy yoga, going to the gym and occasionally swimming. Of course this helps me to shred the extra calories I would otherwise pile on from the food I prepare and sample.

Nithu's Kitchen : What made you to start a blog and when did you start it?
Nayna : I have a passion for cooking, trying out new recipes and ingredients. I strongly believe in healthy eating and home cooking. I encourage my family to cook with me also. For this I started a food blog in October 20008 so that they could refer to my recipes on line , where once I used to guess the ingredients and quantities I started to measure and make note of ingredients and penned them down to blog about later.

Nithu's Kitchen : How do you enjoy blogging and which part of blogging you would like to improve.
Nayna : My blog has grown from strength to strength and I love updating it with new tried and tested recipes. At the moment I am a total novice at photography but am learning to take good photos to accompany my recipes. Hopefully these should improve as time goes on. I enjoy fusion dishes where I try continental dishes with an Indianised touch .I also try and learn from my mother in law; her desi tried and tested recipes. Taking care not to loose the authenticity of the dish, I sometimes tweak the recipes and often the cooking techniques for healthier options to try and incorporate them in today’s lifestyle. I am no culinary expect, I also have my fair share of disasters too but I do enjoy cooking for my family and friends and hosting dinner parties.
Since blogging I have developed an obsession of scouring house ware stores for pretty dishes, plates, bowls and kitchen gadgets. This has made a huge impact on storage in my kitchen and of course my pocket as I cant resist the urge to purchase some new crockery or gadget that I may see when ever I go shopping.

Nithu's Kitchen : Share us one unforgettable disaster happened in your kitchen.
Nayna : I tried to make a chocolate and fruit roulade, for a dinner party. I followed the recipe exact but somehow when I tried to roll it up into the Swiss roll shape with all the cream and fruit in it. It totally fell apart and disintegrated with cracks all over it. I was left with a cake, fruit and cream mess and no time to make a replacement dessert.
So you are going to ask me what did I do??....I scooped up the cake, cream and fruit mixture and placed spoonfuls into little cake cases and piped fresh cream over it and sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles and nuts and served the dessert as if that was what it was meant to be like that. No one knew any better and I even got compliments on creating a new bite sized mini trifle dessert!!! My disastrous secret was safe (that is until now!!!)

Nithu's Kitchen : Wow! wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing this secret with us :-) We heard that you are writing for an Indian Magazine. Tell us about that.
Nayna : I have recently started writing a monthly recipe for an Indian magazine called Homeobuzz. I was very much excited when they approached me as being a NRI and getting recognition in India is very pleasing. Each month I supply a recipe for publication for their magazine.

Nithu's Kitchen : Great to hear this. Our hearty wishes Nayna. What is your family's favourite food?
Nayna : I cook a varied menu, some days totally Indian food and other days fusion food. But a firm family favourite is Gujarati thali consisting of kadhi, rice, potato curry, cauliflower curry, sprouted moong bean curry and rotis. Of course not forgetting the salad, papad and chas (salted lassi) that completes the feast. Both my daughters love shrikand( a creamy yoghurt dessert) also.

Nithu's Kitchen : What do you have today to Share with us?
Nayna : I will share with you one of my families favourite bhajiya recipe.

Nithu's Kitchen : Why did you select this?
Nayna : I chose this because it is a good way to get your kids to eat vegetables, I know its fried but fried food is ok if eaten in moderation. It can be made with any selection of vegetables and it is a very adaptable and versatile recipe.

Mixed vegetable bhajiyas- Crunchy and crispy bhajiyas, these are tasty and delicious. They are perfect for lunch boxes, picnics, or that afternoon teatime snack.


4 tablespoons besan (chick pea flour)
1 tablespoon rice flour
1 teaspoon fresh ginger paste
1 teaspoon green chilli paste (omit for kids)
1 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
1/2 teaspoon chilli powder
1 teaspoon turmeric
½ teaspoon ajwain seeds
½ teaspoon eno salts
3 tablespoons water
Sun flower oil for deep frying
1 small red onion finely chopped (or 3 spring onions instead)
1 cup mixed green /red/ yellow peppers (either sliced or diced)
1.5 cups freshly chopped green fenugreek


1. Mix Rice flour and besan and add the turmeric salt, chilli powder, ajwain, ginger and chilli paste.
2. Add the water and make a paste.
3. Add the peppers, onions, and chopped fenugreek and mix to make a dropping consistency batter, add a little more water if needed.
4. Add the eno salts and mix thoroughly.
5. Heat the oil, once oil is hot drop spoonfuls of batter into the hot oil. Deep fry on medium heat till bhajiyas are golden brown and crispy.
6. Remove from oil and drain on kitchen paper.
7. Repeat procedure for rest of batter.
Serve hot with coriander green chutney. (tomato ketchup for kids)

NB-You can add any vegetables of your choice and replace fenugreek with chopped spinach if desired.

Nithu's Kitchen : Thank you so much Nayna.

Dear Friends, Hope you all enjoy Nayna's guest post. If you are interested to be featured as Nithu's Kitchen's Guest, please do mail to ""

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cauliflower Stalk Manchurian

This is the very first time I used Cauliflower Stalk in cooking. This is highly nutritious with high fibre content. I prepared manchurian and it turned out to be very good. This goes to my event "Best Out of Waste".

Cleaning and preparing stalk :

1. Cut the cauliflower head from the stalk.
2. Then remove the leaves attached to the stalk.
3. Now, cut the stalk in to pieces.
4. Wash the stalk pieces well in hot water.
5. Cook the stalk with a tsp of salt till it becomes soft.
6. Drain water and let it cool.

Ingredients :

1. Cauliflower Stalk - From 1 Cauliflower
2. Corn Flour - 1 tbs
3. Maida - 3/4 Cup or more
4. Red Chilly Powder - 1.5 tsp
5. Ginger-Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
6. Salt - Needed Qty
7. Green Chillies - 2 (Finely Chopped)
8. Onion - 1/2 Cup (Finely Chopped)
9. Garlic - 2 (Minced)
10. Soy Sauce - 2 tsp
11. Green Onion - For Garnishing
12. Coriander - For Garnishing
13. Oil - For frying

Procedure :

1. Mix together maida, red chilly powder, salt and 1/2 tsp of ginger-garlic paste.
2. Add water and prepare batter similar to bajji batter consistency.
3. Heat oil.
4. Soak cooked stalk and fry well till it becomes crisp. Drain excess oil on kitchen towel.
5. Now, in a pan add little oil. Then add ginger-garlic paste. Fry till raw smell is gone.
6. Add the minced garlic, chopped chillies and onion. Fry well.
7. Now add Soy sauce and mix well.
8. Mix corn flour and salt in a cup of water. Add this to the contents in the pan.
9. Add the fried cauliflower stalk. Mix well.
10. Turn off the stove when the gravy thickens.
11. Garnish with coriander and green onion.
12. Serve with Fried Rice or Naan.

This participates in Priya's "Healing Food - Onion" , an event started by Siri and my event"Best Out of Waste".

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Corn & Green Onion Rice

A large pack of corn was in my freezer for more than a month. I couldn't even recollect why I bought this much of corn. Last weekend we couldn't go for vegetable shopping as we had some other jobs to be taken care of. So, I decided to manage the whole week with frozen products that had been in the freezer for long. This of course helped me to clean up my freezer :-)

Few days back Priya posted this "Mixed Veggies Pepper Rice". The minute I saw this lovely recipe, I bookmarked it. As I didn't have any vegetable at hand, I just used the frozen corn. Luckily I had some green onions in my fridge. Although it was not that much fresh, I decided to use that also. I gave a twist to Priya's recipe by adding garlic and red chilly powder. The rice turned out to be very delicious. Thanks Priya for this wonderful recipe.

Ingredients :

1. Basmati Rice - 1 Cup
2. Sweet Corn - 1/2 Cup
3. Green Onion - 1/2 Cup (Chopped)
4. Onion - 1/4 Cup (Chopped)
5. Garlic - 1 Clove (Minced)
5. Red Chilly Powder - 1/2 tsp
6. Pepper Powder - 1 tsp
7. Soya Sauce (Light) - 4 tsp
8. Salt - Needed Qty
9. Oil - 1 tbs
10. Coriander - To Garnish

Procedure :

1. Cook Basmati rice and let it cool.

2. In a pan, add oil. Then add minced garlic. Fry for sometime.

3. Add chopped onion. Fry till onion turns transparent.

4. Now, add corn and green onion. Fry for 2 minutes.

5. Add red chilly powder, pepper powder, salt and soya sauce. Mix well.

6. Finally add rice. Mix well.

7. Keep in medium heat for 5 - 10 minutes.

8. Garnish with coriander.

9. Serve hot.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chayote Peel Chutney / Chow-Chow Thol Thuvayal

Chayote has a taste very similar to cucumber or zucchini. It can be eaten raw but tastes best when cooked. Chayote is from gourd family and the skin is also edible like other vegetables of gourd family. Chayote is very rich in Vitamin C. It is called Bengaloor Kathirika or Chow-Chow in Tamil.

Ingredients :

1. Chayote Peels - 1 Cup (Always peel chayote under running water. This is the best way to remove the sticky substance)
2. Urad Dhal - 1.5 tsp
3. Oats - 1 tsp (Dry roasted till golden brown)
4. Red Chilly - 2 or adjust to your taste
5. Oil - 4 tsp
6. Tamarind Pulp - 1/2 tsp
7. Salt - Needed Qty

Procedure :

1. In a pan, add 1 tsp of oil. Then add Urad dhal and Red chillies.

2. Fry till Urad Dhal turns golden brown. Keep aside.

3. Now, in the same pan add remaining oil and then add washed Chayote peels.

4. Fry in medium flame till the peels turn golden brown.

5. Keep all the ingredients in a mixer jar and grind to a fine paste.

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