Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pathir Pheni for My Sister and BIL

My sister and BIL are celebrating their wedding anniversary today. Just to celebrate this special day, I've posted my sister's favourite "Badam Poori" recipe (This is how she calls this dish). Our hearty wishes to you both...Enjoy your day with Pathir Pheni:-)

Ingredients :

1. All Purpose Flour (Maida) - 1 Cup
2. Sooji - 1/4 Cup
3. Baking Powder - 1/4 tsp
4. Salt - Less than 1/4 tsp
5. Sugar - 1 tsp
6. Butter - 1/2 tsp (Softened)
7. Rice Flour - 1 tbs
8. Ghee - 1/2 tbs (melted)
9. Mixed nuts - 1/4 Cup (Coarsely Powdered)
10. Powdered Sugar or sugar syrup
11. Oil - For Frying
12. Badam Milk (Chilled)

Procedure :

1. Mix Maida, sooji, baking powder, salt, sugar and butter.
2. Knead well and make a soft dough.Cover and Keep aside for 15 minutes.
3. Now, mix rice flour and ghee and make a paste.Keep aside.
4. After, 15 minutes divide dough in to small portions and make balls out of the dough.
5. Roll the dough balls in to chapatis.
6. Then, apply rice flour and ghee paste over a chapati. Place another chapati over it and again apply rice flour and ghee paste over it. Repeat the same procedure till you layered about 6 chapatis.
7. Roll the layered chapatis.
8. Cut them in equal size. You can vey well see the concentric circles in them.
9. Gently roll them like poori.
10. Heat oil and fry pooris.
11. Drain excess oil on a kitchen tissue.

12. Dust the pooris with powdered sugar or dip in sugar syrup.
13. Garnish with coarsely powdered nuts.
12. Serve with chilled badam milk.

Note :

You can prepare your own badam mix at home or store bought mix can also be used to prepare the milk. For home made mix, take equal quantities of almond and powdered sugar. Grind dry roasted almond and cardamom together till smooth. Mix powdered sugar and almond-cardamom mixture together. Store in air tight container for future use.

Yields : 6 Pooris

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Bharathi said...

Thanks for this lovely dish Sis.... Looks delicious... Wonderful Nithu... Thanks dear.

Mrs.Menagasathia said...

Happy anniversary to ur lovely sister..droolworthy padam puri...very nice!!

Kairali sisters said...

New dish to me, loks good and as an ardent sweet lover am sure i cannot stop with 2 serving!!

Pushpa said...

Wonderful sweet dish with to me...Lovely...

Pushpa @

harini-jaya said...

yummy....we make a different version of this..thx for reminding

Priya (elaichii) said...

I have tasted pathir peni long time ago!yours look yummy!

Torviewtoronto said...

Happy anniversary to your sister lovely gift

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

Happy anniversary to your sis and BIL. I have bookmarked the recipe as I am loving it :)

Smitha said...

New to me!...looks gooood!!


Happy Anniversary to your sis...Planning to make this pooris...Love the way you made it...I had eat this pooris long back which is soaked in sugar syrup...

மகி said...

Happy anniversary to Sis&Bil.
Sweet looks tempting.:P:P

Krishnaveni said...

lovely treat to your loved ones, this dish is my fav too, beautiful

swapna said...

lovely dish...look so good!!

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Convey my wishes your Sis and Bil. Lovely sweet to celebrate the occasion. This is s totally new one to to me. Looks great Nithu !!

Rachana said...

Happy anniversary to your sis!

This is a new dish to me, it looks so yummy!

Umm Mymoonah said...

My mom used to make this, really yummy.
Happy wedding anniversary to your sister.

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

First of all, lemme wish both Ur sis n BIL a Happy Anniversary! May God bless them..;)

So good of U making her fav dish! Wish I m ur sister!!! hehehe :D

Nitha said...

Absolutely new to me.. But sounds great..

sonu said...

wishing them a very happy wedding annv !this is very ne to me..looks delicious !

Priya said...

Convery my wishes to both of them, may god bless them..Its has been ages i had this sweet, makes me drool..

Niloufer Riyaz said...

Wishes for both of them n lovely pathar peni!! my fav too

Priya said...

peni luks too good and tempting..this is my fav and luks fabuluous

NIDHYA said...

Am in for anything made with sugar..Great looking phenis.

Leena said...

Pheni looks very tempting dear...perfect for celebrations!

Sadhana said...

nice one dear!

Sudha said...

Awesome stuff.. will def try!